About Brotas

Brotas is a town in the State of São Paulo and is in one of the most developed regions of the country. Leaving the capital are 250 km by the rodovia dos Bandeirantes, and 170 km from Viracopos airport, in Campinas, the nearest to the place.

The climate is tropical with an average temperature of 22° c. In February, the hottest month, maximum of 33° c.

The "Naturally Fun City" is one of the most sought after by tourists in the State, offering options for those who want to venture into radical and alternative activities for those who seek only to rest and enjoy the nature.

The Alligator is Pepira River stage of various attractions of the city, and is one of the few that are left without any pollution index. Adventure tourism activity that more attracts visitors is Rafting; the descent of inflatable dinghy by Jacaré River has beyond the traditional lighter versions for children and the Nocturne of great success, during full moons.

The k-r is the fall in boats with smaller capacity of members, with more speed and adrenaline. Another variety is clearing the float Rapids, choosing the emotion level.

The practice of trekking takes the waterfalls, rivers and viewpoints. The ATV tour of great demand in winter, promises a lot of mud, dirt and adrenaline.

If the intent is to relieve the stress of big cities, Brotas is also destination. The beautiful landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, and great variety in species of birds serve as refuge to the fadigados.

The spring singing Sand is well known for its crystal clear waters that form a natural pool in the middle of the Woods. The Park is located in the urban area, is the main postal card, has many waterfalls and Rapids.

There is a selection of waterfalls that impress by the height of the falls.

One of the most visited is the Cassorova, which houses two fascinating falls. So that the whole family can have fun together, there's calm horse rides, and entertainment at the center of the universe (CEU) that provides recreation and knowledge through telescopes and its Planetarium.

The typical food of the farm is the main flavor of Brotas, but is easily pizzerias, steakhouses, coffee shops and restaurants of international cuisine.

Today's Adventure capital, Brotas, began around 1839 when a chapel was built and led to his first town formed by mining families.

Brotas is growing to meet the demand of tourism with quality services in their guesthouses and hotels, but respecting the preservation of the natural beauty, thus satisfying the expectations of all visitors.

Brotas, SP
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