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Located in Mato Grosso do Sul state, the city of Bonito is a center of ecotourism worldwide and its main attractions its beautiful natural landscapes, its waterfalls, caves, grottos and also the dips in the rivers of transparent waters. Beautiful is the main tourist town of Serra da Bodoquena and the main local activity is tourism, which prevails for a long time and also demand the constant preservation of nature, interfering minimally it. Bonito has numerous tourist sites mainly to practice adventure sports, but also offers beautiful walks. The Beautiful sights are located in remote part of the city center and most stay on farms, which often offer lunch options with typical food. Some of the amazing things to see in Bonito is the Blue Lake Grotto considered a Natural Monument. Also the hole of Macaws, the Abyss Anhumas, the Cave of San Miguel, rivers with crystal clear waters that are Formoso, Anaconda, Miranda, Mimosa, Pottery and many others. In addition to these, in Bonito can bathe in the various waterfalls and natural pools, plunge into the River Ecological Nook Silver, go in Figueira beach that has white sand and coconut trees, do tree climbing circuit, the ATV ride and several other options that will always provide a direct contact with nature. The city center is well structured with post office, hospital, airport, bus, banks, hotels. The Bonito lodging options are more concentrated in the city center, close to the trade, but also have options in locations closer to nature. The hotels are remarkable taste in decoration and leisure. Are options that have a lot of comfort and hospitality. Bonito cuisine is varied with traditional Brazilian cuisine and also the Pantanal. Most beautiful dishes have in freshwater fish the recipe, as piraputanga roast the wood, the painted arbor, painted the annatto; also some exotic meats like alligator and wild boar. There are several restaurants in Bonito and also pastries, bars and ice cream parlors.

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