About Bombinhas

The Costa Verde tourist region, northern coast, Sea & located Firecrackers. The State capital is 73 km to reach the city peninsula.

The city has warm climate with average 24.3° C at the height of summer and 16° C in July, the coldest month. The largest volumes of rainfall occurring in February.

Between November and April is charged a fee of environmental preservation of the tourists arrive.

The "Diving Capital" has 39 beaches vary in their characteristics. The busiest are firecrackers, Bombs, the quiet are Junipers, Morrinhos and Canto Grande.

The natural pools of praia da Grave attracts families, while the Mariscal has the atmosphere of romance, ideal for couples in love.

The highlight goes to the four islands Beach, where you can see the the archipelago that forms the marine biological reserve Avoredo, which is 11 km from the coast and has controlled access by Ibama, the site is considered one of the best diving spots of Brazil thanks to its crystal clear waters and abundant marine life.

For being a peninsula, there is great diversity of landscapes and nature activities such as hiking and trekking, which can be practiced in one of three parks for ecotourism.

The trails lead to lookouts like natural famous Morro do Macaco, of 190 metres above sea level, with a view and the sunset of great beauty. The mirante ECO 360° C cannot be left out at the base there is a small museum about the local wildlife, the panoramic view from the top gives you enjoy throughout the region; those who prefer a bit of emotion can make the descent of Zipline.

These places are highly sought after for hang gliding, climbing and rappelling.

The nightlife is quite famous during the summer season, when the bars and restaurants of main street are full. The clubs are found at 6 km, in the city of Porto Belo.

The seafood stew accompanied by cassava and mush is one of the most requested dishes in restaurants specializing in cuisine caiçara. Nature remains unspoiled and clean by means of environmental rules.

Bombinhas is one of the most beautiful and sought-after tourist destinations in the country and is a source of pride for the residents and visitors ' admiration. The hostels in Bombinhas are varied style serving everyone.

Bombinhas, SC
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