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Blumenau is 150 km from the capital of Santa Catarina, in the region of Vale do Itajaí to the northeast of the State.

Summer temperatures reach the 40° C, on the other hand the winters are very cold, with freezing temperatures records.

The so-called Brazilian Europe attracts thousands of tourists every year, to preserve everyday habits of immigrants living there. One of the ways to experience these customs is to visit the village, German culture corner Itoupava so preserved that 90% of the population hold the native language.

The Vale Brewer's route for lovers of good beer, as well as monitor the manufacturing process can prove the drink.

The major tourist attraction are the traditional European festivals that take place every year. Inspired by the original Munich, the Oktoberfest of Brazil is the second largest party about beer in the world.

In addition to the traditional German drink, tourists can take the opportunity to experience the typical dishes, enjoy the presentation of bands and folklore groups and have fun with the Pint in Metro, which challenges competitors to have a metre (600 ml) of beer in less time. Already the Italian immigrants also perform Festitalia to celebrate their culture and cuisine.

Not only parties are the sights of Blumenau, the screenplay is the ecological park of the National Park and Serra Springs of Jataí; both belonging to the Atlantic forest and the preservation of fauna and flora to appreciation, hiking, bike tours and space for picnics.

Try the typical German cuisine is indispensable. The classic salami and pork knee with sauerkraut are unbeatable accompaniments for the good beer produced there. For dessert, the famous apple strudel completes the meal.

Founded in 1850, the town remains with the Germanic tradition of conserving the floral gardens in squares and streets.

The service to tourists offer information and guidance so that the stay of visitors is uncomplicated and the memories the best.

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