R. Raul Moreira 221, São Roque, Bento Gonçalves RS 95700-000BR

Pousada Sonho da Serra


About Pousada Sonho da Serra

The Pousada Sonho Da Serra is situated in Bento Gonçalves next Maria Fumaça station. The Inn features buffet breakfast, parking, Tv room, living room and free Wifi. The hostel is just 2 km from the commercial centre of Bento Gonçalves.

Feed Entertainment Smoking Allowed
Breakfast TV Room  
Treatment Sport and Leisure Wireless Internet (WiFi)
24 Hour Reception Pool Reception Cellular
Comfort and Convenience Payment Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Parking Cash Reception Mobile (TIM)
Parking Uncovered   Cell Phone Reception
Garden Policies (Live)
  Pets Voltage 220V
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User of theFoursquare
May 12, 2016
Lugar aconchegante e os donos são ótimas pessoas sempre prontos a ajudar. Você se sente em casa. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theKekanto
April 30, 2016
Just very organized, very well received, all to meet. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theFoursquare
February 3, 2016
family inn with great care and cost benefit. The owners are super friendly and helpful! I recommend! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
December 21, 2015
Cosy place, you feel at home, [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
July 21, 2015
Great, cozy, familiar. Cost and benefit that pays off. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theKekanto
April 9, 2015
Pousada Caratteristica, ben localizzata con giardino per rilassarsi tranquillo. Ottime le colazioni e sopratutto molto pulita. Da provare! [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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