R. Raimundo de Carvalho 461, Santa Helena, Bento Gonçalves RS 95700-000BR

Pousada Casa Tasca


About Pousada Casa Tasca

Pousada Casa Tasca is located in Bento Gonçalves, RS. The Inn has Wifi, parking, 12:0 am reception, Garden, and laundry facilities. The air-conditioned suites have TV with satellite programming and bathroom. The Inn is just 4 miles (5 km), Vale dos Vinhedos and 3 Maria Fumaça Train station. Breakfast is included in the daily rate.

Feed Sport and Leisure Smoking Allowed
Breakfast Pool  
Treatment Payment Wireless Internet (WiFi)
24 Hour Reception American Express (Credit) Reception Cellular
  Mastercard (Credit) (Claro)
Comfort and Convenience Mastercard Maestro (Debit Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Parking Card) Reception Mobile (TIM)
Parking Uncovered Visa (Credit) Cell Phone Reception
Garden Visa Electron (Debit) (Live)
    Voltage 220V
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User of theKekanto
June 17, 2017
We were in Bento Gonçalves for 2 days and stayed in the House the Tavern. Breakfast and homemade and tasty, rooms clean and cozy and the staff super attentive and ask! Love you! [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theFoursquare
April 14, 2017
Simple but very tasty. It seems that we are staying in the home of some ninth hehe. Nothing luxurious, everything is simple, but great cost-to-benefit. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
December 4, 2016
Is nice, the service was very good, room is ok. Boiler shower excellent. But the breakfast is a huge disappointment. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
May 24, 2015
Very clean and organized, with educated people in front, super indico! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
November 15, 2014
User of theFoursquare
October 4, 2014
Simple but worth the price, the breakfast is simple but meets all tastes, has closed parking and air-conditioned rooms well wide. Just don't forget to bring your shampoo. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
2 people found helpful
August 14, 2014
May 10, 2014