About Belterra

The city of Belterra in Pará State, is on the banks of the Tapajós River and is covered by lush forest. Belterra in the main sights are the church of Santa Luzia, Brazil's Square which is a benchmark in the city for its beautiful gardens, the New Port Beach and Pindobal Beach, which are the bank of the Rio Tapajós, beautiful clean water beaches and white sand. In the city one of the most popular and traditional dishes is the baked fish Piracaia. This fish is quite common in Belterra and is part of the dishes served in the festivities, within gourds with manioc flour, tucupi, pepper and lemon. Tours in Belterra can be made from canoes in the Tapajós River to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Belterra is considered the American Amazon city and has an architecture that draws attention with its clay tiles, terraces, gardens and lateral spacing. One of the houses that call more attention is called, House A, which is quite wide and was built to receive Henry Ford, but he has never been to the city. The city was called Fordlândia and was created for the rubber trees, and is administered by the millionaire Henry Ford. Today Belterra is a municipality and administered by the city. The festivals held in the city are basically religious including serenades, great dance party and dances. Besides them also the city's anniversary, on 04 May, various activities occur. In Belterra is possible to find lodging options in hotels and so enjoy tranquility with this amazing place.

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Nov 16, 2017