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Belmonte is a city located in Bahia that arose in 1764 and is at the southern end of the State to just 15 miles from Porto Seguro.

The climate in Belmonte is moist intertropical without periods of dry and with rains concentrated mainly in autumn and winter in the months may, June and July. The average monthly rainfall is 85 mm and the average temperature of 32 degrees.

The main attractive of Belmonte is its natural beauty. The weight Bar, the beaches and the Jequitinhonha River are the main natural and ecological attractions of the city. The Sea Beach Moreno, Garuzau Beach and South Beach are renowned for their exotic beauty.

Belmonte is also the target of those who want to know its beautiful historical buildings of the cacao fruit Rico period. In the City Centre include the City Hall, Hotel St. George and the Rural Union.

The Church of St. Sebastian and the array of Nossa Senhora do Carmo stand out as important religious constructions. The fountain in the Square Flag is also another much sought after by tourists.

The Lighthouse of Belmonte deserves attention for being a true milestone in Brazilian nautical signalling. The lighthouse was built by the same metallurgy which made the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Legend has it that the captain on the ship that was carrying the lighthouse delivered by mistake, and the destination correct would be Belmonte in Portugal. Another curious fact is that one of the towers of the lighthouse, due to silting up of the river and receding of the sea is now located in the city centre.

The rich cuisine of Belmonte is fruit of a combination of Portuguese and Indian influences of blacks. The most traditional dishes are the sea bass and the Guaiamum.

The city receives tourists from all over the world and has adequate infrastructure to receive very well at Hostels, hotels, restaurants, bars and beautiful beaches and many tourist attractions.

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