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Bethlehem is the Paraná state capital, and is located in northern Brazil. The sights in the city include the historical, cultural, religious and natural. Are some of the Strong Castle, the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, the Theatro da Paz, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Bethlehem, the Basilica of Our Lady of Nazareth, Icoaraci District Orla, the Biopark Amazon, Docks Station the Bethlehem Lighthouse, the Botanical Garden Grove Rodrigues Alves, Planetarium Sebastian Sodré da Gama and many others, for all tastes and ages appreciate and know more about the beautiful Bethlehem. The typical local cuisine is a mixture of ethnic groups such as African , Portuguese, German, English, French, Italian, Indian and more. Some of the most typical dishes is the duck in tucupi accompanied with jambu, maniçoba, acai, the tacacá and other miscellaneous. To find the typical fruits of the region, go to the Ver-o-Peso and also in street markets in the city. Some of the typical fruits of the region beyond the Acai bacaba, cupuaçu, chestnut-nut, the tucumã and peach palms. In Bethlehem events occur throughout the year, as the Taper of Nazareth, the Amazon Book Fair, FITA - International Tourism Fair of the Amazon, the Bethlehem Fashion Days and others. For football fans, the city is the Olympic Stadium of Pará. Some of the dances in carimbó the earth are the Batuque Amazon, the Carimbó, the Dance of Angola, the Torch, the Obaluaiê and several others. Bethlehem is a city with a great infrastructure and there are many hotels, inns and resorts to cater to tourists.

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