About Beberibe

Beberibe is a seaside town on the East coast of Ceará, is 85 km from the capital Fortaleza by CE-040.

The tropical climate keeps the high temperatures throughout the year. The average is 26.6° C with variations of just 1.6° C between every month. The municipality is one of the most played on the coast of the State.

The cliffs of Beberibe attract tourists from all over the world. Morro Branco beach is the busiest; surrounded by coral reefs and sand dunes perfect for the buggy ride, which includes stops close the cracks of the maze of Cliffs.

Another beach visitors ' preference is of fountains that offers freshwater lakes, sand dunes, sources for baths and calm sea. Among the more distant and less agitated are the beach of Diogo, Sacutinga bar, Pajuru and Prainha do Canto Verde that are true havens of peace and tranquillity.

Worth checking out the Uruaú Lagoon to savor the delicacies served in tents and embark on one of the boat trips, jet ski or kayak.

Can't miss buy more traditional local souvenir, the little bottles decorated with grains of colored sand, which are found on the beaches.

The dishes served in restaurants of Beberibe is reference in the northeast coast. Visitors can taste the culinary delicacies caiçara made with seafood, but typical regional dishes such as baião two and Couscous are always in the menus.

The name comes from the tupi Beberibe "place that collects water."

Cliffs, clear waters and warm, coconut trees, bright sand, good food and cozy inns is everything in Beberibe for wonderful days of rest and recreation.

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