Barra de São Miguel

About Barra de São Miguel

Barra de São Miguel has access by Highway 101 to AL-36 km from Maceió.

The climate is hot with temperatures generally high throughout the year, with maximum up to 35° C in summer.

Barra de São Miguel is the City State's hottest spa. During the low tide natural pools are formed, but at high tide the waves are used by surfers who make the beach hosted the northeastern surf Championship.

Fishing tournaments are also held, as well as music festivals and Carnival.

The marina leave boats that lead to the praia do Gunga and the lagoon of the script, which are forming a beautiful backdrop.

The path is made amid the cays, mangrove and coral reef barriers. The bars of the edge are highly sought after in the high season, which makes the beach becomes agitated, but to enjoy the tranquility just walk a few meters by the strip of sand.

In the bars and restaurants the stars of the menu are shrimp, crabs, crabs and lobsters among other options.

Before colonization, the area of Barra de São Miguel was occupied by Indians who practiced cannibalism and that devoured the Bishop who came to catechize the region.

The priest brought a statue of our Lady, which was later found and became Patron Saint of the city.

Worth checking out so much beauty combined with infrastructure and beautiful hostels one of the postcards of Alagoas has to offer.

Barra de São Miguel, AL
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