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Ibiraquera bar attracts sportsmen. In the city of Imbituba, Ibiraquera beach is a quiet and charming.

Who do you think Santa Catarina only the capital Florianópolis is synonym of the most beautiful coastal landscapes are mistaken. Ibiraquera bar, in the city of Imbituba, 90 km of the island brings together some of the most exuberant of the State, along with the Pink beaches and the village. To get to the site just take the BR-101 and then the road IMB-413.

Since South Ibiraquera bar of Santa Catarina, the best is to visit the region in the summer, between the months of December and February, when the days are warm and the weather is inviting to enjoy the coast. Although this beach is among the busiest of Imbituba, who prefers to take advantage of the low season to ensure the peace, including the roads, can make your script in the months of November and March, which are less cold. The beach is 13 km from the city centre.

The greatest privilege of Ibiraquera bar is to be on the shores of the pond that bears his name, and that's where you can tell with longer moments of rest. The place is ideal to spend the afternoon with the family and enjoy the sunset. In addition, the lagoon Ibiraquera is famous because it contains a natural nursery for shrimps and crabs, so it is normal that night the fishermen in the region if forward until its waters to fishing, including shrimp pink. Even so, the species is protected and regulated fishing.

Already those who prefer agitation must meet the beach when she becomes the headquarters of the stages of the Brazilian championship of Windsurfing and kitesurfing, and the evidence in own pond. The colourful takes care of scenery and the landscape becomes even more beautiful. Is there a place considered one of the best in the country for the practice of sports, thanks to the winds and strong. Complete the picture of the beach dunes and Baton, in the ocean.

Ibiraquera bar grows along with your city, and Imbituba municipality was established in 1923, but, curiously, after less than a decade, in 1930, the Governor took the autonomy of the municipality. Already in 1949, the city changes its name and becomes Henrique Lage. But the name is Imbituba in 1959, when becomes emancipated once again. Currently, one of the strongest points of the local economy is the port of Imbituba, which is undergoing restoration.

Already in the time of staying warm options are not lacking, as many hostels for all types and size of family or even perfect for a romantic getaway for two. To enjoy the typical gastronomy, watered a lot of seafood, including shrimp, just visit the great restaurants of the region.

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