Barra da Lagoa

About Barra da Lagoa

Considered the largest core of Santa Catarina fishing, the Barra da Lagoa Beach is able to receive around 50 vessels. Your community keeps alive their cultural roots in fishing and production of flue and income. Barra da Lagoa beach is populated by warm locals and the natural beauty of the place attracts many tourists during the high season period. The Stone of the Friar is a feature of the site, which was once used by primitive peoples for astronomical observation. On the beach there are dunes that are tumbled as Natural Heritage and Landscape. These dunes form a cord to the sea. Who loves sport can enjoy the gentle swell of the beach that favors surfing. South of the beach is the Forest Park of the Red River. Barra da Lagoa is the beach that has better structure the East Coast throughout the year, with many lodging options and restaurants. In restaurants you can enjoy the fish bill which are also sold well cool to do at home. The most famous dish is the Shrimp sequence which can be found in many restaurants. To stay in Barra da Lagoa Beach tourists find an excellent structure mainly of hotels, with choices of view to the sea and always with great receptivity.

Florianópolis, SC
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