About Atalaia

The beach Watchtower is in the city of Aracaju, Sergipe state. The site comprises several attractions and tourist sites, such as the beautiful Oceanarium Aracaju which is a great program for those who enjoy marine life. The place has 60 species of animals separated into 18 tanks of fresh and salt waters, and its format is of a sea turtle. Restaurants can be found in the Crab Catwalk, which houses all the majority, as highlighted in local cuisine dishes with meat-of-sun, crab and milk porridge. In Crab Catwalk also focuses the nightlife with a wide range of bars. Also visit the feirinhas in Orla and the Craftsman Catwalk, for souvenirs. The beach has the Watchtower 6km long and is part of Aracaju postcards. During the night she receives illumination for those who like to take baths night at sea. The beach is also structured with bike paths, tennis courts, skateboard parks and jogging, and also artificial lakes for windsurfing. The kids have fun in playgrounds and in light sources Watchtower. Watchtower has many lodging options in hotels, inns, cottages, camping and more, and there is no shortage there are fun things to do.

Aracaju, SE
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Feb 21, 2019