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Located in the region of the Lakes, Arraial do Cabo is at the center of a major tourist belt. The nearest airport is in Cabo Frio at only 13 km away. Leaving the State capital are 164 km by BR-101 and RJ-124.

The climate is hot and humid, with an average 25° C during the summer and 17° C to 23° C in the winter. The wind stabilizes the temperatures are not too high nor too low.

The destination offers several options for visitors ranging from beautiful beaches to the exuberance of the Atlantic forest. The white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters are undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction of the city.

Lighthouse Beach is the best known and one of the most beautiful in Brazil, has access only after 40 minutes by boat, is surrounded by small dunes and ideal for diving.

Face a staircase is the only way to get to praia do Pontal Watchtower that is divided by rocks, the effort is worth it for the transparent waters.

Strong waves, perfect for surfing, are found in Great beaches and Angry.

Quiet and calm sea for children are the attributes of the Pontal Beach which is also great for hiking.

The most central and most frequented is Prainha, urbanized and filled with kiosks, has calm waters and a trail that leads to the beach of Graçainha, with only fifteen meters long.

The boat trips are traditional, depart from praia dos Anjos, lasting three to four hours, display wonderful landscapes and stops for swimming and diving. Emphasis on passing through the Blue Grotto is thirty meters long by 15 tall harboring incomparable beauty.

Worth checking out the Lakes of the fig tree, Massambaba and especially the Blue Lagoon. One of the favorite programs of couples in love and lovers in nature's view the sunset do Pontal do Atalaia.

In Arraial do Cabo no luxury establishments, but the restaurants serve dishes prepared with seafood and fish very fresh. Stew and fish and banana are the typical delicacies.

More than a thousand diving spots by crystal-clear waters and marine diversity have granted the city the title of "the capital of diving".

Even being among the bells, Cabo Frio and Buzios, Arraial preserves the village of sinners even in high season allowing tourists to enjoy the serenity and peace hosted in cozy inns.

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