Arraial d'Ajuda

About Arraial d'Ajuda

Arraial d'ajuda is a district of Porto Seguro, located in Bahia. The small village is characterized by its beaches, exuberant nature and buildings with a unique style. Arraial d'ajuda hostels are a charm part. Tourists from all over the world are drawn to this little paradise motivated by knowing its beautiful beaches, its various ecoturimo options, their hostels, the sensational Bahian cuisine and also the intense nightlife and famous.

Being in Arraial d'ajuda tourists also has access to many wonderful walks as: Espelho, Trancoso, Caraiva, whale watching humpbacks, Indian reservations among others.

Among the aquatic sports, which has more prominence is the * Stand Up * that can be practiced in all its beaches that have features of a few waves. For the more radical the Mucugê Beach fishermen, and Brill are options for the practice of windsurfing * *, * surfing * and * kiteboarding *. The beach of Taipe is peak for paragliding.

The visit to Arraial d'ajuda is not complete without enjoying the night in rua do Mucugê, in the historic center, on Broadway and in the renowned Beco das Cores.

The Arraial d'ajuda in short is a village with stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, several attractive, ecotourism, rich gastronomy, guesthouses and hotels of all levels of comfort and complete infrastructure to receive tourists.

Arraial d´Ajuda, BA
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