About Arembepe

Arembepe is a district of Camaçari, Bahia, which is 30 km away from Salvador, north. To get there, just follow the Green Line that connects Salvador to Aracaju. The site is considered the first hippie village in Brazil and today the alternative life is one of its major tourist attractions. Close to downtown, the supporters of the way of life hippie living selling their crafts and live in houses made of mud and straw. Also look after the vegetable preservation of the site. The city has its intact and well preserved setting. The beach is paradise composed of palm trees, crystal clear green waters and white sand. In the late afternoon, the dunes become golden giving even more beauty to Arembepe scenario. It is the perfect place for those seeking peace in the midst of nature! Arembepe provides options of inns, restaurants, craft fair - where locals display their arts - and of course, the beautiful scenery and beach enchant tourists and locals. Some of the people that the city housed are artist like Bob Hoisel and the artist Luiz Cerqueira. The locals preserve nature and the beauty of Arembepe, and care about the cleanliness of the village. The base of the Tamar Project is located close to Arembepe, where the study aims to nature conservation projects, as well as protection of sea turtles.

Camaçari, BA
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