About Aracati

Aracati is a municipality located in the Brazilian State of Ceará.

The legacy of Portuguese colonization can be seen throughout the city, both in the 18th-century constructions, as in residences the tiles that are still on the façades.

Another attraction of the city is its free fair, which occurs daily in the morning. Fruits, vegetables, spices, sandals, meat, clothing, and handicrafts mingle as one, representing the city of Aracati and its features.

Aracati is internationally recognized for its beaches, especially to Canoa Quebrada. With a lot of wind, the practice of sports such as surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing is explored.

And the famous dunes and its formations offer buggy rides, showing all the charm of the local nature and its white sands.

During the night, both tourists and residents gather in the main street of Aracati, nicknamed affectionately as "Broadway" for fun to the sounds of various rhythms, and delighting with the local cuisine.

The city was designated as a national historic landmark.

The hostels are concentrated mainly on the beach of Canoa Quebrada.

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