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Aquiraz is just 30 km from the capital Fortaleza by the BR-116 and the CE-040.

The warm tropical climate records of 36° C and minimum of 28° C, causing the entire year is ideal to enjoy the local attractions.

The main attraction of the city is in Porto das Dunas Beach, where the Beach Park, the largest water park in Latin America, also has Beach dunes, desert and sea stretches good for surfing. Prainha Besides good conditions for the sport, has a rustic appearance and tents that offer typical food.

Already the beach of Presidio is pretty busy, its calm waters attract many families.

Iguape is frequented because of its fixed and mobile dunes.

The beach of black pottery displays and the sunset of the Stopper is inviting to those who seek peace has not been much explored.

It's worth making a Buggy Ride through the city and beaches. Book a time to visit the historic village center is essential, starting by programming the Igreja Matriz São José de Ribamar in 1713, which preserves the original paintings of the 19th century, and then move on to the Museum Sacro São José de Ribamar that displays images from the 18th century, and terminate the script on the market.

Fish, lobsters, shrimps and crabs are the main ingredients of the dishes served in bars and restaurants.

Aquiraz ceará was the capital until 1726, when he was transferred to the fortress. Today it houses the Centre of Rendeiras, where are woven the most varied pieces.

Traditional rentals are inheritance left by Portuguese colonists.

One of the principal tourist destinations of Ceará is prepared to receive with diversity of attractions, hostels and quality infrastructure.

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