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Anchieta's South State of Espírito Santo and 82 km away from the capital Victoria. Near the mouth of the river borders Benevente cities of Guarapari, Alfredo Chaves and Piúma.

Maximum temperatures range from 26° C to 32° C and the minimum between 17° C and 23° C, typical of tropical climate that prevails the region.

Anchieta-city where lived the Priest José de Anchieta-is the arrival of religious tourists to start the pilgrimage on Victory. Upon arrival can visit the sanctuary of Anchieta, where the priest lived for much of his life, as well as the parish church and the residence of the Jesuit priests who form the Assumption, not forgetting the Blessed José de Anchieta Museum. In the months of June, August and September take place festivals and processions.

The Carnival in Anchieta attracts many tourists, as it is one of the largest of the Holy Spirit with the parade of the blocks. Those who like to enjoy the Carnival on the beach, looking for the beach of the Castilians which offers excellent infrastructure with several restaurants, bars, ballads and guesthouses for tourists.

As an option of ecologic Benevente River is in an area of environmental preservation, its calm waters are ideal for boating and kayaking where appreciation of the ecology and history of the region can be made easily. In River Park the show is by the parrots and cranes with swarms at dusk.

For trails and hiking the tip is Mount Vulture peak, which is the river Benevente and Salinas. Waterfalls in Anchieta also cannot be left out of the script.

The flavors capixabas are marked by strong flavors and seafood, like moqueca and caranguejada. Anchieta was named as a tribute to the priest who by there lived and remained until his death.

Tourist diversity and the comfort of their hostels will certainly not disappoint the travelers, whatever attractions options chosen.

Anchieta, ES
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