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About Amazonas

State of greater territory in Brazil, the Amazon is in the North of the country, and has as its capital Manaus. Much of the territory comprises the Amazonian forests and the waters, making access difficult, being carried out primarily by air or waterways.

The climate in the Amazon because it is well-defined only equatorial during summer and winter, raising enough moisture from the air, increasing considerably the volume of rainfall.

Even with a low relief in the vast majority of the State however, the Amazon is home to the highest peak of the Pico da Neblina, Brazil. With more than 2,993 m tall, was so named for being for much of the year covered by clouds.

The State has a diversified tourism offer of the great remainder of the country, with hotels located in the midst of the jungle, which promote programmes of direct contact with the local ecosystem. Miscellaneous, museums and natural forests comprise this tourism niche.

The Amazonian handicrafts is characteristic for indigenous cultural influences, and also for being made with local raw material. Since Hair Combs made of driftwood, necklaces made of seeds, the earrings with feathers of birds, everything that concerns the craft in the Amazon, is a native of that region.

The cuisine of the Amazon is to fill your eyes and belly! To have suffered little influence of African and Portuguese cuisine as the rest of Brazil, the State still owns characteristic dishes of their indigenous origins. The Tacacá and mush are the most characteristic dishes of Amazonas.