Alter do Chão

About Alter do Chão

In the State of Pará, is the small village of Alter do Chão. Affectionately dubbed the Amazon Caribbean. Alter do Chão has a paradisiacal landscape and is located near the city of Santarém. The hostels in Alter do Chão are also a charm part. Range from simpler the most luxurious.

Interestingly the village only "appears" during the ebb of the waters of the rio Tapajós, which is between the months of August and January.

Alter do Chão is currently one of the most visited tourist spots in the North of the country. The tourist is attracted by the nature of this beautiful resort of white sands, turquoise water and thatched huts.

Swimming in fresh waters is a great program for the day. Also enjoy the local cuisine, with many fish and Acai is part of the ride! The sunset reflected in the Tapajós River is definitely a show that part.

Alter do Chão has excellent tourism infrastructure with beautiful inns.

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