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The municipality is located in the extreme south of the State, in the region of the Costa das Baleias, abuts Caravels, Prado and Teixeira de Freitas.

The climate is tropical with temperatures that oscillate from 22° C to 31° C in summer and 18° C to 26° C during the winter.

The city is very visited by use as a base for tourists who go to the Abrolhos archipelago and by wishing to enjoy its beautiful and clean beaches.

The most visited, of the same name in the city's Boardwalk, coconut trees and calm water. The of the coconut tree is quiet has semi-urban ideal for rest and relaxation.

Praia da Barra is also great option, is there which is the mouth of the famous River Itanhaém. Between July and November the whales visit the coast to procreate and give a show of beauty.

But not only natural attractions Alcabaça charms are made of. The colonial buildings of the historic center surprised visitors.

The igreja matriz de São Bernardo, very well preserved, is so great that stands out in the landscape. Old mansions made from whale oil are also part of the acquis.

The countryside is also home to surprises, as the farms of flour that are still in full production.

Restaurants are served fish, shrimp, crabs and oysters always fresh and very tasty.

Some reports suggest that Alcabaça is one of the oldest cities of Brazil, that is home to so many stories and an important historical collection in the country.

Excellent beaches, beautiful guesthouses and a delicious simplicity fascinate all who visit or pass through there.

Alcobaça, BA
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Jan 18, 2019