About Alagoas

Alagoas is one of the main Brazilian Northeastern States and is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Alagoas is internationally recognized for its wonderful beaches as Maragogi, Maceió and Penedo, with breathtaking views of golden sand that makes up the coast of the Brazilian State of Alagoas. Another highlight of Alagoas are the boat rides to the mouth of the river San Francisco.

For enthusiasts of gastronomic tourism, Alagoas is literally a full plate! The delicacies from Alagoas are of African and indigenous origin, such as cassava with salted meat, pasta, couscous, corn puba munguzá, and various other delights of this rich cuisine.

The folklore of Alagoas is one of the richest in the country, along with their unique craft fairs with its techniques of laces, braided and flaps!

Alagoas is one of the major producers of sugarcane, coconut, and its economy is based mainly on agriculture.

Tourism in Alagoas is a strong arm of the economy and its infrastructure of hotels, inns, bars, restaurants, attractions and points of interest is consistent with the stunning beauty of its beaches.